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Pirate Alley

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Pirate Alley
presented by:

Emerald Coast Production Company

Our Pirate Alley features a lawless band of Pirates who enjoy heckling and kidnapping our Guests from the top of their Freestanding Banked Ship. They will gladly feed you cookies and Tea while awaiting your friends and Family to ransom you back with random trinkets. Throughout Pirate Alley you will encounter Acrobats, Jugglers, Tumblers, and Storytellers, as well as Musicians all who love a good time and have a wicked sense of humor.


You are able to get some of the best drinks from throughout our Knowne World due to our Pirates liberating the Alcohol from our local Countries.

Don't forget to look up to the top of the Pirate Ship - Yoyu may find yourself staring into the captivating  eyes of our very own Mermaids.

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Emerald Coast Production

Festivals Information:


PoC: DeeJeania Jackson

Contact Info:

Facebook: emeralcoast1234

To learn more about them check out their facebook group linked below.

Emerald Coast Production Festivals

To learn more about their upcoming events check out their official Website linked below.

Headlining Dance Troupe:
Ancient Bones Dance Theater

Ancient Bones Dance Theater led by Stephanie Ory is located in Louisiana and boasts of Female Fire Performers  and Theatrical Performance Artists.

They bring the magic hour to life, the time between times when one feels the presence of a different realm through theater, fire performance, fusion dance, and free movement.

They will be performing several times during the weekend and are a performance you won't want to miss.

To learn more check out their links below.




Online Studio:


Pirate Academy

Pirate Academy is joining Pirate Alley as their Premier Pay-2-Play! It is the training ground for our pirates. Come learn how to fight like a Pirate and see if you can hold your own with our very own Pirate King in order to join his crew.


You will have the option to throw Spears, Axes, and even Shurikens (Throwing Stars) all within the safe confines of the Pirate Academy's unique safety geared throwing lanes. Pirate Academy is owned and operated by Larry House and is a must try adventure at our Festival.

As we get closer to our opening dates we will post a pre-pay option for this attraction to help make your day easier. Keep an eye out for the announcement of their set prices. 

To learn more about Pirate Academy check out the links below.




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Festival Addition Tickets are available starting
August 1, 2023

Mermaid Tea Party

Hosted by the Mississippi Renaissance Festival


Come join the Emerald Coast Pirates on board their ship and have Tea Time with our


Mer Lorelai and Mer Madz

Contact Info:


Meet our Mermaids!

Mer Lorelai

Mer Madz

Instagram: @mermadison

Performers Joining Pirate Alley

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Check out our
Become a Vendor Page
to learn more.

Vendors Joining
Pirate Alley

Indigo Moon Mystic Seer:

Miles to Adventure:

Nerd Friendly Art:

Rockability Couture:

Silvertree Souq:

Sun Kissed Stones and Minerals:

TT's Pepper Jellies LLC            

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