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Become a Vendor

We are so excited about the opportunity this Renaissance Festival brings to the Gulf Coast. We are working towards bringing in five thousand plus guests from a combination of our state and the neighboring states, in the course of  one weekend. We are striving to offer an environment of entertainment, education, and family fun for all ages. In the course of this endeavor we are looking to fill our four distinct Town Squares with vendors that bring the Past back to life.  If you have an interest in joining us to bring the magic and mystery from the past to our present please fill out the form below. 

Our Vendor Applications for new Vendors to join us will be available starting March 1, 2023!


Among the things we are looking for is vendors who sell:

  • Period Clothing: English, Norse, Scot, and of course - Pirates

  • Home Goods: Mugs / Cups, Plates, Display items, etc.

  • Personal Accessories: Hairpins, Combs, Beads, Soap, Belts, Purses, Jewelry, etc.

  • Armor and Weapons (including personal knives)

  • Leather / Fur

  • Furniture: chairs, chests, stools, etc.

  • Children's Items: Toys, Clothes, gifts, etc.

We are also searching for Food and Drink Vendors. We are hoping to place similar themed vendors in different Market Squares to increase your sales as well as having a larger Food Market for people to visit for their meals.

If you are interested in joining us please read the vendor info below and then fill out the application.

We ask that you check out our Connect With Us page and follow us on Facebook for the most up to date information in regards to the Festival.

Vendor Specifics

Our Festival is set up to offer vendors of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to join us and grow their customer base. 

One of the ways we strive to work with our vendors in through open and honest communication about our fees. As a first year non-profit we want to help keep our fees as low as we can while still allowing us to continue offering this festival to our community  in the following years. 

Traditional Goods Vendor:

Vendor: $275 (10x10 space plus the other perks listed on Page 2 of our Vendor Application)

Vendor: $325 (10x20 space plus the other perks listed on Page 2 of our Vendor Application)

Premier Vendor: $375 (20x20 space in high traffic areas, advertisements monthly on our social media sites, a listing and link to your business on our website under Towne Square Highlights plus the other perks listed on Page 2 of our Vendor Application)

**Premier Vendors are chosen by the BoD based on several factors. If you would like to apply for that please fill out a                  Vendor form and let us know that you would like to be considered. 

Food and Non-Alcoholic Drink Vendors:

$400 (Electric hookup provided)

***If your company would like to sponsor a Towne Square's Pub in full please fill out our Sponsor Contact Form and we will set up a meeting to discuss what we provide in return.***

Vendor Application Specifics

All applications are completed through our Honeybook account. Please submit the contact form below to start the application process with us. Once you receive the link from us please complete the form and submit all pictures requested (logos and advertisement approved pictures).  

Once your application is received we will assign you one of the towne squares of your choice and assign your vendor spot. Once the application process is complete and your fee is paid we will start advertising for you per the Social Media Reciprocal Agreement.

*If your own a business that requires Insurance (weapons / food) please include up to date proof for our files. 

We ask that you  follow us on Facebook for the most up to date information in regards to the Festival.

All Vendor Fees Paid include a 50% Non-Refundable Deposit. If for any reason you need to drop out before August 1, 2023  we will refund 50% back to you. Anytime after August 1, 2023 the entire Vendor Fee is non-refundable.  

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