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About Our Dream

This Festival is the what happens when a community comes together with the dream of something better.


When Parents and Teachers  see eye to eye and know that we are all on the same side and want nothing but the best for all of our kids. Especially those that struggle with the boxes our society has built for them.

We are an educationally based non-profit that believes that every student deserves the opportunity to learn in a way that suits them best. We offer a hands on immersive educational opportunity to our community so that teachers and parents alike can help their children learn about non-tangible subjects, like History, in  a tangible way. 

We are inclusive to all learning difficulties and understand from first hand experience how seemingly simple outings can be overwhelming and easily derailed. Because of that we offer integrated services so that every guest has the availability without the labels.

~ We have our Entire Festival Color Coordinated to assist with our Non-Verbal guests. Each Towne has it's own Shield and Banner Colors so that you can identify where you are at even if  there are no visible Written Signs. 

~ Every Towne is equipped with our Dragon Guard Tents (Green and Gold) and their Volunteers. Our Volunteers are there to assist with any situation - from simple questions to Medical Concerns. Our Dragon Guards are all in communication with each other, our Security Team, our Medical Team, and our Festival Coordinators. In the case of a lost family member please head to the nearest Dragon Guard Tent so that our entire Festival Team can coordinate together to assist in locating the guest quickly.  

~ Translators & ASL Interpreters for both our Vision and Hearing Impaired Guests are located throughout the festival at the Dragon Guard Tents.

~ Our Shows are scheduled so that our Main Bands and Entertainers do not play at the same time to help minimise the overall sensory input.

~  We offer Safe Havens throughout each Towne for a quick reprieve from the Sensory Input of the crowds. 

~ England has a special Sensory Tent for those who need a  minute to re -focus or simply to help calm their anxiety.


~ We offer hands on demos so that our tactile learners have a chance to learn in the way that is conducive to them.

~ We offer food that is both local and easily recognizable for our guests. All Menus available can be found on our Website to assist with planning ahead in regards to Allergies and Various Food Aversions.

~ We have a Fairy Trail throughout each Towne for our Littles to help make shopping easier. Vendors and Entertainers alike have a hidden Fairie in their booths in our version of Where's Waldo so that shopping doesn't become a fight.

 ~ We have a dedicated Kid's Area with bounce houses for when they just need to get some extra energy out. It is conveniently located near our Food Court and manned by our own Dragon Guard Volunteers.


~ We offer Towne Shirts in sizes Child's XS to Adult 4X to help our guests with Touch Aversions still represent their Favorite Towne without dealing with scratchy or restrictive costumes. All shirts can be ordered in our Shop and come in super soft cotton and are tagless or have the option of tear away tags. 

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